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Guillaume at Bennelong

A culinary legend, Guillaume Brahimi decides to close the beloved Guillaume at Bennelong after almost 12 years at the Opera house (due to conflicting interests with the Opera trust). I knew this was my cue to book reservations after months of post-poning anniversary dinner plans. We opted for the A La Carte menu ($150 pp), the degustation seemed like too much! Maybe I shall leave that experience for the Quay.

Amuse bouche of Salmon and Wasabi mayo in a crispy cone

This is what you call, a bite-sized hors d’oeuvre (oh I love typing in French! hehe) which is a complimentary appetiser before the a la carte menu starts ;) Let me tell you, anything served with wasabi mayo is a winner for me. The crispy cone had a thin wafer exterior with the creamy goodness of the salmon… demolished in seconds. The wasabi mayo reminded me of the sauce served with crispy oysters from Nobu!

Iggy’s bread of the world, Bronte & Myrtleford lightly salted butter, Victoria

Waiting for the food to come is such a chore! Luckily, the french waiters offered us some fine bread and butter and when we finished our complimentary bread and butter, we couldn’t refuse the second offer. The bread crumbs scattered everywhere and I felt less fancy than my counterparts :(

King Salmon
lemon, fennel, apple, soy, wasabi

The plating of the components is impeccable, not to mention the array of colours endearingly complimenting each other. The presentation has to hit the spot each time, it makes the dining experience more enjoyable :) The salmon combined with the fennel and lemon provided that extra taste of freshness. The sauce provided that ‘zing’ factor, albeit the foam added that perfect balance to the dish. Very sophisticated.

Yellowfin Tuna
Basil, soy, mustard seed

The basil encrusted tuna was a very unique concept to me. Nonetheless, the flavours of the mustard seed and the soy gave the dish an extra oomph considering it was a small portion. I quite liked it!

Jerusalem artichoke, broad beans, chicken jus gras

By this stage, we’re on the roll with the seafood dishes. We didn’t even realise we ordered so much seafood until mid-way! No turning back now… this dish created a sense of home-y food, maybe it was the chicken jus gras but it was very hearty. A less impressive dish though.

“tagliatelle”, sea urchin, tapioca “cracker”

green asparagus, broad beans, morels, veal jus
(Frickin amazing Paris mash, on the house!)

Corn puree, yabbies, leek, truffle
peanuts, caramel icecream, banana

Three words, eight letters – say it and I’m yours. *love heart eyes*

This was a new addition to the dessert menu, methinks. The log looking thing tasted like a mango weis bar! There were also meringue droplets and everything else mango themed. Exceptional dessert!

A visit to the Opera house is mandatory for this exquisite restaurant… the french accented waiters create the experience extra worthwhile! Oh oui oui ;)

Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: +61 2 9241 1999
Dinner Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm till late
Lunch Thursday and Friday
12.00 noon to 3.00pm

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4 thoughts on “Guillaume at Bennelong

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    the dishes all look so refined. I’d expect no less from guillaume though. Quite sad I won’t be able to dine here, but so glad so many foodies have.

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